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Why Buy a Tablet Instead of Buying a Laptop

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Tablet is undoubtedly one of the best mobile computing devices, which allows you to perform several functions with ease. In addition to that, tablet opens a world of entertainment with the exceptional collection of features and applications they offer. However, many users prefer to go for PCs and laptops because they are unaware of the fact that tablets are a lot better than they are. Therefore, below are a few reasons that will help you realize why it is better to buy a tablet rather than settling for a laptop.


Tablets are light and thin. If you own an Ultrabook or MacBook Air, then the distinction might not seem significant. However, when you compare with other laptop models available in the market, tablets are thin, lighter, and easy to carry. In addition to that, most of the laptops require their own cases to transport it from one place to another, which you do not need when using a tablet.


We have to admit the fact that most tablets might not be as versatile as laptops in the functionality department. However, it is a lot better than a smartphone. The large display screens of tablets are almost similar to that of a smaller laptop, and this will help you to get your work done without much hassle. Moreover, you also get to enjoy high-resolution videos and movies when on the go.


Have you ever tried to get your work done on a laptop, while you are in a flight or while riding a cab? It is definitely not easy and you will have to find a flat and smooth surface to set the laptop. Furthermore, you will have flip open the laptop in order to type on the keyboard or to view the display. You could easily solve all this issues and do your work without any distractions by buying a tablet.


The battery life of almost all tablets is a lot superior when compared to laptops. It is almost impossible to use a laptop for an entire day without charging it, as the battery drains out even before lunch, if you are constantly working on the device. On the other hand, tablets will seem to last forever even if you push it to the limits.