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Simple Tips to Fix Issues with your iPads

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iPad from Apple is a great device, but we all run into issues occasionally. An issue with your iPad does not mean that you need to visit the nearest Apple store or call the tech support guys. In fact, some of the usual iPad problems can be solved by following simple iPad troubleshooting tips.

Facing Issues with an App? Close It

Only few of the iPad users know that the device keeps apps running even after you close them. The feature helps apps like the Music app to continue playing the music even after another app is launched. However, this feature can also lead to troubles sometimes. If you are facing issues with an app, the first thing that you need to do is to close the app completely and then re-launch it.

An app that is not responding can be closed by tapping the Home button twice in a row and long pressing the icon of the app from the list of the recently opened apps. On long pressing the icon, a red circle with a minus sign will appear on the upper left corner of it. You can tap on the minus button to close the app and clear it from the memory.

Reboot the iPad when in Doubt

This is the oldest among all the troubleshooting tips in the book. Rebooting works well with any gadget, be it laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones. If you are facing an issue with an app, and closing the app does not fix the issue, or even if you are facing any other type of issue, just reboot the iPad. Rebooting will clear out the memory that is used by the apps and give a fresh start to the iPad device.

Your iPad can be rebooted by holding down the Sleep/Wake button located on the upper rim of the device. Holding down the button will bring up a slider that will allow you to Power Off the device. Once the device is switched off, you can press the Sleep/Wake button again to turn the device on.

These are the two simple tips that can help you fix minor issues with your iPads. You should understand that if the problem is caused by an app that is corrupted, then these steps would not fix the problem, and you may need to reinstall the app to fix the issue.