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Low-Cost Tablet VS High-Cost Tablet – What Should You Buy?

low-cost tablet

You will come across several options if you are looking to buy the best cheap tablet in 2019. There are many buying guides available on the internet, which you may not find helpful in making the final purchase decision. Most people are stuck between a low-cost tablet and a high-cost tablet. Such a situation arises when customers don’t know about the main differences between these two categories. Today we are going to tell you the key differences between cheap and expensive tablets. This will help you in getting a clear idea and eventually make the best buying decision.


Considering the storage size is of great importance while looking for the best cheap tablet. The first difference between low cost and high cost tablet is the storage capacity. Low cost tablets are likely to have low built-in memory, and sometimes there is no card slot for storage expansion. In such a case user has to use the device with a very limited number of songs, games, apps, and videos. High cost tablets, on the other hand, offer a large internal memory. Users get memory expansion through a microSD card slot in most expensive tablets. You should always go for the tablet that comes with reasonable internal storage (e.g., 128GB), and offers further expansion at least up to 256GB using a microSD card.


Consumers use tablet cameras for capturing great memories and talking to their loved ones through video calls. Low end or low cost tablets tend to offer cameras with low resolution. You will not get very high-quality videos and pictures with such low-end cameras. On the contrary, high cost tablets offer stunning cameras, offering life-like imagery even under low-light conditions. You should look for a high-end tablet which offers 16MP back and 8MP front cameras. The best cheap tablet with 12MP rear and 5MP front camera sensors also offers good quality photographs.

OS Version

Low cost tablets are likely to have old versions of the Android operating system. That’s why you may not enjoy the best new features. High cost tablets come with the latest Android OS version. They also get frequent updates from the manufacturer. That’s why they are always in perfect useful condition. If you are looking for the best cheap tablet, make sure it runs an updated Android version.


Design is one of the most important factors that you should consider while purchasing a tablet device. Low quality tablets come with average design, which may not be too appealing. On the other hand, high quality tablets come with cutting-edge contour. The build quality is also strong for high cost tablets; that’s why you will not have to be worried if it gets dropped from a certain height. Some advanced tablets come with water and dust proof capabilities. They are smash resistant and can easily survive if dropped into water. Never ignore these points while looking for the best cheap tablet online.