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How to Disable Push Notifications in Android Tablets

Android Tablets

Disabling Push Notifications

Android users can turn off push notifications by opening each application and tapping into the app settings. However, Android tablets also have a shortcut to turn off the push notifications that beeps virtually all the time from within the OS settings. Below are steps to turn off push notifications on Android tablets featuring either Marshmallow or Lollipop build.

Disabling Push Notifications in Android Lollipop

A good thing is that disabling app notifications in Lollipop is a child’s play, as all it takes is the below-given easy steps.

  • Tap on the Android Settings cogwheel icon on the notifications bar.
  • Go to Apps or Applications to open the full list of installed applications in Lollipop including the default apps.

On some Android tablets such as Samsung, for instance, the Apps section would be mentioned as Applications Manager, and would let users control app permissions. From here on, the steps are the same to turn off push notifications on any Android device.

  • Open the application in which you want to turn off the push notification. Once you open the app, you would see Show Notifications Clear that option.
  • Android Lollipop would warn you with you could miss important alerts and updates if you opt for disabling push notifications. Once that alert pops up click on OK to turn off push notifications in your tablet.

Disabling Push Notifications in Android Marshmallow

The initial steps are more or less the same in Marshmallow to turn off push notifications. Go to Settings and open Apps. Here, instead of Show Notifications, you might see Notifications on the app settings. Long press on Notifications in stock Marshmallow and an info button pops up to the right side of the opened application. Now tap on the info button (symbolized ‘i’) to access the app’s notifications settings. Choose Block All to turn off push notifications in Android Marshmallow.

Before disabling the push notifications, restart the Android tablet all over again, and ensure whether your tablet is running on Marshmallow or Lollipop build. Note that, Android Nougat pushes application notifications silently as well. You can activate the “silent notify” feature by opening the app or by changing the settings directly through the notification panel.