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How to Deal with Common Issues in the Netflix App

Android Tablets

Common Netflix App Issues

The Netflix app seems to be having some problems in Android OS lately, but there are ways to fix it, and surf movies and TV shows in all its glory. Netflix offers users a way to store videos to Offline Mode, but if the app crashes, even the offline access would be temporarily disconnected. Below are some commonly occurring issues in Netflix and respective troubleshoots to make the content-driven app perform better.

Issues with Buffering

If the wireless connectivity is working fine, yet you face buffering issues, then the app may have some bugs. To fix that, go to Settings > Apps > Netflix and then tap on Options followed by Clear Cache and Clear Data. After that, restart your tablet then try logging into the Netflix app once again in order to retry streaming content. In addition, go to Play Store > Menu > My Apps > Netflix > Update to make Netflix app up-to-date.

Issues with Download

Note that the lack of internal storage can cause download issues in Netflix. If you surf a 4 GB movie but only have 2 GB internal storage in your device, then the streaming may break up halfway through. To fix that, go to Netflix > Menu > App Settings > Downloads > Download Location and switch the default storage to external memory. Moreover, select Video Quality in Downloads to modify the streaming quality to Standard or Low to save on data consumption.

Issues with Connectivity

If you are experiencing connectivity issues, go to Settings > Wi-Fi and tap on Known Network and then tap Forget to disconnect poor wireless connection. Then tread the same path to reestablish wireless connectivity and surf content seamlessly. Netflix crashes may occur when Wi-Fi becomes somewhat unstable, so try this troubleshoot to see if Netflix works.

As Netflix supports multiple devices, some users experience log in troubles when they are logged into multiple Android tablets. To fix that, go to Settings > Apps > Netflix and tap on Options and then select Uninstall. Restart the tablet and go to Play Store to reinstall Netflix app again and fix log in issues for good.