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First Impressions of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 has arrived early for the users waiting in anticipation. Samsung is renowned for its design as well as utilitarian features such as the S-Pen, so stakes are quite high for the new Galaxy Tab S3 model. Let us find out the notable features in the device based on first impressions.

S-Pen Revs up Creative Speed

An artist may prefer using the stylus instead of ruining their thumb, scrolling up and down to draw illustrations. With the S-Pen, anyone can simply take quick notes, even when the screen is turned off, and save it as a PDF document for later use.

Portable Android Tablet

The Galaxy Tab S3 is portable, lightweight, and has superior Wi-Fi connectivity options. In fact, even ambidextrous people could hold the device firmly with the texture provided on the back. With this device, a standard 4G LTE gets a look in over the latest 4G Volte buzzword.

Powerful Performance

With around 12 hours of a 6000 mAh battery standby, the Galaxy Tab S3 device can make anyone go crazy on its performance. Having said that, the speed at which modern executives go about their work, the ample RAM would consume all the power in that time. Conduct a self-test to see how long you could hold the S-Pen.

Enhanced Security

The most sought after fingerprint sensor among wholesale Android tablets is inarguably “Knox”. Protecting sensitive business data is a prerequisite as far as executives are concerned, hence Samsung has bundled in Knox with the Galaxy Tab S3.

Convert Tablet to Laptop-Esque

The rear camera easily recognizes QR codes and POS barcodes. Samsung has also bundled in the Samsung Flow feature in Galaxy Tab S3, which synchronizes phone notifications with the device. Converting the tablet to be laptop-esque with POGO keyboard is child’s play for the frequent gamers.

With the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, it would be quite the deal to listen to music from 4 corners either horizontally or vertically. There is also a certain blue light filter, which sieves the excessive light when the display is on and eyelids about to close.