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5 Best Tablets to assist you in Artwork

Are you a creative professional and you need something to work with?

Following, we are giving you some great tools that can help you out! These devices are an excellent choice for creative users, and if you were considering what the cheapest tablets are. Check them out!

  1. iPad Pro 12.9 inch (2018)

The best just got better. Apple nailed it with the new iPad Pro; it’s an excellent device considering everything. Yes, this is a bit expensive but do manage the money because you are a professional creative, then you must have it at your disposal.

Apple iPad Pro has great features; it doubles as a whiteboard and drawing paper. Apple Pencil 2 has a significant improvement over the last incarnation.  The only downside is, The iPad Pro is not an answer if you were looking for what are the cheapest tablets.

  1. Apple iPad Air (2019)

This might help you if you don’t have the dough to buy the new iPad Pro. You might as well call it the kid brother of Apple iPad Pro.   It sits between entry-level iPad and the big iPad Pro. This replaces the 2017 iPad pro which was 10.5 inch. It does offer better performance and value for your money while doing so. It has a stunning and vibrant display. There is no face unlock, which is a shame. It also doesn’t support the new apple pencil 2. However, this is a price Apple paid to make this iPad mini an answer for what are the cheapest tablets

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Tab S3 is a bit old, but it’s still one of the better devices available in the market currently.  The S pen comes included in the box. It’s the best rival you can find to the original Apple iPad Pro. It is still considered one of the finest Android Tablets, and that is saying something because this device is running Android 7.0 (Nougat). 

It doesn’t have the true tone display of the iPad, and this tablet can be bit reflected, but it does have some fine features. It’s an excellent option if you are considering what are the cheapest tabletswhat the cheapest tablets are

  1. Microsoft Surface Pro 5 (2017)

The best from Microsoft even to better, it’s true for every generation for Microsoft Surface Pro. These devices are getting better year after year.  It’s a leading device and it does feel like one. Don’t worry you don’t have to pay the full price at this moment. If you are a creative professional and you need a solid device that doesn’t cost much, you should consider the Microsoft Surface Pro 5.

  1. Wacom Mobile Studio Pro

This is more of a tablet PC. It comes with the Pro PEN 2 and it runs the whole Creative Suite from Adobe, including Photoshop and InDesign. It is available in two versions and offers excellent color accuracy and brightness. 

These are a bit costly and not the answer if you wanted to know what are the cheapest tablets.