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Users with older Avast versions can’t update Windows 10

Windows 10

If you have the older version of Avast on your deviceyou may find it challenging to update windows 10 Laptop. Microsoft is blocking updates for users of anti-malware suits. If you are running Avast or AVG antivirus tool, you can’t be able to install updates of Windows 10. There are compatibility issues between Avast and Microsoft. An app from AVG or Avast contains antivirus version. 

People get warning that they must not override this block with manual installation. However, a fix is available, but a new release or version of the app is not available from the companies. There is a big question mark how this issue was ignored in the pre-release stage. 

Things look confusing because it is a glaring compatibility issue. You have faced two major issues, and their solutions are not available. There must be a guide to solve this issue manually.

Compatibility Issues

Old AVG and Avast versions have compatibility issues with Windows 10 tablet. The companies have identified this issue with their versions. An application from AVG or Avast 19.5.4444.567 version was affected. They have implemented a hold on 1903 and 1909. These updates are incompatible for users using Avast and AVG versions. 

Both Avast and AVG support pages provide important details to users. They can choose update – program on the system tray icon of software. Check for updates, AVG antivirus users may click settings on the primary window of utility. 

Windows 10

Some utilities are available for users to fix this issue. Users may uninstall Avast completely with AvastClear software. An AVG clear utility will help you to remove AVG software. Make sure to clean the registry with software called CCleaner. This free software will remove possible registry keys.

After completing the uninstall procedure, feel free to download these antivirus solutions. AVG, Panda, Norton and numerous others are compatible for Windows 10. Microsoft has applied updates to block users from using incompatible driver software. Users must trust on compatible versions and install new drivers.

Compatible Antivirus for Windows 10

If you want to protect your device from virus, other antivirus solutions are available for you. For instance, Bitdefender is excellent for its advanced security features. Feel free to install its free version as a trial to check its performance. It can be the best solution for cybersecurity issues.

BullGuard is another antivirus protection. It can block all threats to your computer. With this top-notch antivirus, your machine will be immune to phishing attempts, ransomware, spyware and malware. With this solution, you can get maximum protection against identity theft and credit card frauds.

Panda antivirus 2019 is equipped with a firewall to increase the safety of your android deviceYou will get maximum protection with advanced features of Panda. Feel free to buy its premium version for complete security from online threats.