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How to use Windows 10’s built-in FPS counter?

Windows 10

In this new operating system, you can’t ignore the presence of built-in FPS counters. FPS means the number of frames-per-second appear on the screen. A higher rate of the frame may help you to play demanding games without any problem. Remember, you will be able to see the FPS counter in Xbox Game Bar.

PC gamers were relying on FPS counters from the third party. The users of Windows 10 tablet were always longing for integrated FPS counters. Microsoft has listened to this demand and offers an integrated FPS for the gaming community. If you have installed Windows 10you will be able to get this facility. The performance overlay depends on a framerate counter.

FPS Counter: Xbox Game Bar 

The frame rate (FPS) must be available automatically after an update of October 2019 for Game bar Xbox. If you are waiting impatiently, you can check the store of Microsoft to get direct updates. Here are some simple instructions to get it:

  • Navigate to the store of Microsoft and search for Game Bar application of Xbox.
  • Wait for the game bar update of Xbox to be automatically installed on your system. Make sure to accept extra permissions of windows.
  • To apply changes, you have to reboot your device. Launch your favorite game and immediately press Windows + G keys to open framerate Windows 10 counter.
  • Check the performance section to see the counter of new framerate.
  • You can see a small box on the screen to display the data of performance.
  • Windows 10

It is an easy way to keep track of changing the performance of the game with a graph available under the performance section. The new updates will bring extra options to track CPU, GPU and RAM usage. You can access new features for Windows. Social media has multiple reports about this feature. It is essential to wait for a few weeks before getting this FPS counter. Remember, this experience will be available soon for all users. 

Improvements in Task Manager

In the new updates of Windows 10 laptop, you will be able to see a new task manager to manage your device. There will be a disk type to the performance tab in task manager. Make sure to check if you have install drivers on your laptop or desktop. You may get different features and speed because of HDD or SSD.

Windows 10 can display the temperature of GPU in the task manager. In the future, the temperature of CPU can be monitored. You can find maximum benefits with the use of a new task manager. These improvements will arrive in 2020, but the FPS counter is available to numerous users.

Why do you need an FPS counter?

Remember, the FPS counter is vital for esports pros and gamers. They can get a competitive advantage with this counter. It can run your games easily in the presence of an FPS counter. After getting this built-in counter, you will be able to get a competitive edge.