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What is USB Dubbing Mode and its use for android?

USB Dubbing Mode

Android users can get the advantage of numerous hidden features. Developer options allow you to access some unique features of your device. USB debugging is a popular option in “android developer“.

USB Debugging Mode

With the use of USB debugging mode, you can allow android devices to communicate easily with a PC with android SDK. You will need this for android operations. After developing android apps, you must use instant android SDK (software developer kit) on your PC. With an SDK, developers can get tools to create apps for particular platforms.

Typically, you will need Android Studio that is a development environment for apps. It comes with a tools suite for different developers. Remember, debugger helps you to use a visual editor and fix problems.

Other vital components of the SDK are libraries. It allows developers to perform numerous functions without re-coding. For instance, android has an integrated printing function. To write an app, you will need a new method to print. A built-in way can be useful for developers.

It is possible to do lots of things from your device. Developers may require more options, and it can be a challenge to run commands, move files and perform manual actions. Special tools are necessary for Android SDK and Android Studio to make things painless. Sometimes, you don’t need an Android Studio. In this situation, the SDK can make things painless. 

Developers may not need Android Studio, so they start working with the Android SDK. Make sure to this for rooting or other advanced tasks. Enabling this feature may permit your phone to communicate with your PC. 

USB Dubbing Mode

Procedure to Enable Debugging on Android

Modern android devices allow you to search USB debugging in the menu of Developer Options. Remember, this option is concealed by default. 

To unlock this option, go to “Settings” and move down to “About Phone”. Move down again and check a “Build number” at the base. Click it several times and see one notification that you are a developer. 

Go back to “Settings” and move down to the base to access “About phone”. On your android pie, you can open System entry and expand the advanced section. You can see a heading titled with “Developer Options”.

Once you are done, check for “USB debugging” under a debugging header. Hit on the slider and enable it. Confirm warning of android that you understand this feature.

After turning on USB debugging, you can plug your phone into computers with USB cables. Once connected, your phone will prompt “if you want to authorize debugging” for this computer. It is a security feature to protect your device from attacks. You will accept requests from a protected computer only.