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How to spot fake apps on the Google Play Store?

Spot Fake Apps

Remember, fake apps can affect the security of your device. No doubt, fakes apps have become a huge issue. People have created listings of popular apps with similar names and icons. They trick you into downloading these apps, and you will be bombarded with ads. This situation can be worse than malware. 

This issue was detected with a fake WhatsApp version. More than one million people downloaded this app last year. Now a fake version of SwiftKey keyboard and a VLC ad-riddled version were detected on the Play Store. 


Understand the Procedure of These Apps

These apps are tricking users with same name and icon. A fake WhatsApp version was indistinguishable. They use a similar name to deceive people. To trick users, the fraudulent manufacturer put a hidden character at the base of the developer name. It makes the same to WhatsApp Inc., but it had a technical difference. 

The hidden whitespace was a smart trick at the end of this name. Google has removed this app, but before its removal, users had downloaded it more than a million times. It was successful because of its similarity with WhatsApp.

Ideas to Spot a Fake App

Play Store has a particular percentage of malicious apps. You have to pay attention to these elements. Make sure to avoid installing lots of crap apps on your device. These can affect the battery and functionality of your app.Spot Fake Apps

Closely Check Search Results

If you are searching for an app in the Play Store, you must glare it for a few seconds. Similar icon for twice can be an actual issue for you. Remember, fake apps will always use a similar icon to trick users. It will cause immediate suspicion if you are noticing the same icon twice. After seeing related icons, you have to check the name of the app and its developer. 

Carefully look at the name of app and developer. Sometimes, name look visually identical, but you have to check it carefully. You will surely see a red flag in the name of the developer or app. For instance, the fake app of SwiftKey was named as Swift Keyboard. People often ignore these things. Pay attention to the small things to identify the real app. 

If you are not identifying an app with the name of the developer, you must check other apps. Google can help you to find relevant information.