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Laptop Configuration – Understanding the Specifications!

laptops and tablets

When purchasing a android or laptop directly from the manufacturer, you will get options to configure your computer with your favorite storage, CPU, memory, screen and other components. Lenovo, Dell, HP and numerous other brands allow you to configure different options. It is possible to choose from the menu to buy the best notebook. These configurations will enable you to have a blend of features.

Choose the Right CPU

For CPU, you will be able to choose between Core i7, Core i5 and Core i3. If you have money, feel free to choose Core i7 upgrade. To get Core i5 8th Gen Intel, you have to pay extra. The latest generation of Intel is 91% faster than its predecessors. It is available with new chips. Budgeted tablets or laptops come with Core i3 chip. Remember, Pentium works better than Celeron. 

RAM (Random Access Memory)

RAM is an essential component in your laptop or tablet. It can determine the memory and speed of your operating system. With good RAM, it is possible to install your favorite applications. You can have plenty of RAM in your device. More RAM can increase the speed of your computer. 

Feel free to choose between 1GB to 8GB and even 32GB of RAM. Before selecting a RAM, you have to consider your needs for a laptop. Gamers and hardcore multitaskers may need a 16GB of RAM. You have to pay $150 extra for this RAM.

laptops and tablets


If you can afford, buy an SSD (solid-state drive) instead of a hard drive. The SSD is faster and responsive than a hard drive. A 256GB SSD is enough if you don’t have to deal with PC games and media files. There is no need to choose between standard SATA SSDs and faster PCIe-NVMe interface. Feel free to select PCIe because it is four times quick. If you can’t afford an SSD, you can choose a 1TB hard drive.

Screen Resolution

At almost 1920 x 1080 resolution, you can get a bright display. No doubt, a lower resolution is enough for windows twitching and scrolling. Make sure to choose a higher resolution for your laptop. If you are configuring a laptop on HP, Dell or Lenovo, its cost will go up to almost $100. 

Battery of Your Laptop

You will get numerous benefits of high-capacity batteries. Feel free to choose between regular and high-capacity batteries. The cost of a large battery will be more than an ordinary battery. Remember, a heavy battery can increase the weight of your laptop.

Wi-Fi Card

Numerous laptops come with a Wi-Fi 802.11 ac for wireless connection. Feel free to choose between a regular card and an antenna 2×2. You have to pay extra money for this feature. Make sure to buy a laptop with the latest Wi-Fi card

4G cards are available for people with extra money.