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Facebook working to come up with AR glasses

AR glasses

Facebook is working on AR glasses with Luxottica to develop Ray-Ban augmented –reality glasses. B The glasses will be under the codename “Orion” internally, and these can replace your smartphone. Facebook is working on these glasses for a few years back. Consumers may get these glasses between 2023 and 2025.

With these glasses, people will be able to take calls, check information on a small display and live-stream videos. For the input of these glasses, Facebook is developing a voice assistant (based on artificial intelligence). Moreover, the company is busy in experiments with ring devices so that users can input information through motion sensors. The code name for this new device is Agios. 

Facebook is Mapping the World

Along with augmented reality glasses, Facebook is creating 3D maps for the world. Head of virtual and augmented reality of Facebook Andrew Bosworth said in September that the company has some prototypes of these glasses.

Live Map becomes an aspirational term for Facebook. They are trying to produce multi-layer representations of this world with traditional maps, footage captured via augmented reality glasses and phones and crowdsourced data. With this technology, you will be able to get notifications in thin air, identify objects with labels and project a holographic avatar to communicate with real people. 

Data and privacy protection are unclear from Facebook. Remember, it is necessary because the Street View system of Google will capture data about your physical world and increase legal questions. Along with Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Magic Leap have promoted augmented reality (phone-based) with Spark AR system. Facebook has mentioned its AR glasses several times. AR glasses

The strategy of Facebook is Different

As compared to competitors, the strategy of Facebook is different, such as Microsoft and Magic Leap are approaching AR hardware. These companies have introduced premium headsets in the market between $2,300 and $3,500. They are targeting enterprise customers and developers. Facebook is using a similar approach in the space of software. The developers want to do everything quickly. At this moment, you can use current devices with some unique apps and features. 

Facebook is trying to iterate its AR hardware in labs until this device is ready for consumers. They are using a different approach. Augmented reality can pioneer these things from the ground. The display of AR is novel, and Facebook is trying to introduce new displays to its users. 

Nowadays, Facebook is working from scratch to increase the benefits of augmented reality. It will be a better choice in terms of displays, computer vision, inputs, sensing, machine perception and tracking. If you are waiting for this new technology, you can invest in the cheap tablets at this moment.