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Why Dell XPS 15 is a Perfect Device For Travelers?

Nvidia shield tablet

People need the best laptop or  tablet to work on while traveling. If you need a powerful option, you can choose Dell XPS 15. The fourth generation of this laptop makes it possible to avoid compromises. Remember, powerful options seem bulky, but this laptop is portable. It features the great hardware, such as 4K OLED screen, an Nvidia GTX 1650 and Core i9 eight-core processor. It features a discrete graphics chip. 

Features of Dell XPS 15

The modest Dell XPS 15 features aluminium lid and soft plastic. For business use, you will find this device impressive. With its powerful features, you can manage different tasks during travel. In terms of quality, this laptop makes a great commitment. 

Weighing about 4.2 pounds, it is lighter than MacBook pro. You will not feel its weight and size in your bag. As compared to large laptops, it is an ideal choice. It can easily fit in your medium-sized backpack. A slim display bezel allows you to manage different tasks. Webcam of this device is located at an ideal place. There is no need to worry about nose-cam squeezed in the tiny border over the screen.

Unlike MacBook Pro, this laptop features several ports. You will get HDMI, USB-A port, Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C), a headphone jack and a barrel plug. Feel free to get the advantage of an SD card slot. For these features, videographers and photographers can use this machine conveniently. 

Nvidia shield tablet

Smooth and Fluid Typing

The Dell XPS 15 comes with a better touchpad and keyboard. Remember, texture interior (carbon-fiber) is comfortable than Razer Blade. Dell successfully beats the keyboard layout of Razer. It can be a convenient choice to beat low-travel keyboards. Typing with its keyboard will be fast and smooth.

With a fantastic touchpad, you can get the advantage of precise tracking, slick and solid mechanism. You will get sufficient space and multi-touch gesture to improve your performance.

Great Display

An LED 1080p screen can be a standard choice for every business user. Dell is famous for its optimal color accuracy. In OLED laptops, you can find a great display. The OLED screen and 4K display of Dell can take your streaming and gaming to another level. Screens feature a dazzling contrast. With deep black infinitely level, HDR videos and web browsing will be incredible. It will help you to take your content creation to a new level.

As compared to MacBook Pro, the display is warmer. You can trust on this screen for editing tasks. This laptop can be an ideal consideration for video editors and photographers. For excessive support, your Nvidia shield tablet has excellent features. Feel free to use it to manage different tasks. This combination can be helpful for business travelers.