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Android or Chrome OS – Which One Is the Future of Google Tablets

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Google is all set to get out of the tablet hardware business. Recently, it cancelled its two different projects and decided to assign those employees to other projects. The issue is that Google got plagued by some hardware problems. Apparently, it seems that tablets are not Google’s strength when we compare it with Microsoft and Apple.

What is essential to understand here is that the buyer of today is aware. He will not buy sny tablet that comes his way. The buyers of today believe in doing their research and then making their pick.

Now, the tragic part is that Google tried its hand at tablets, but did not emerge to be a winner. Let us understand this scenario by comparing some offerings by Google.

Chrome OS vs. Android

Now, any user may get enticed to Chrome OS initially. The reason is that it offers a superior desktop browser experience. When we compare Chrome OS with Android, we realize that there are no browser plugins available, and the websites are limited for Android.

Well, this seems that your productivity may get affected when you make use of Android. Security is one thing that the user cannot compromise on by means. When you go for the Android tablet, then you will have to make a compromise on the security updates.

The security updates are infrequent for Android. On the contrary, you do get security updates for Chrome OS every two to three weeks. The full updates are available for Chrome OS every six weeks.

branded tablets


Now that we pinpointed the problems with Android tablets, it is also crucial to highlight the benefits of this tablet. You get access to a massive library of apps when you go for the Android tablet.

The downside is some of the apps available on Google Play are not compatible with Chrome OS. Secondly, you get an improved app performance when you go for Android. You will notice the difference when you play the 3D games on an Android tablet.

Ideally, you should not invest in an Android tablet. The reason is that when you search for tablets in the search bar, then you have the option to filter out tablets that are sub-standard options, and also dig out some tablets that offer value.

At the same time, we cannot classify Chrome OS as perfect. It has its set of loopholes as discussed. When we look at the user psyche, then he is not willing to make any compromises when it comes to the quality of the tablet.

If we have to draw an honest conclusion, then both Chrome OS and Android have a long way to go.  They cannot be termed as the tablets of the future till significant improvements are made. It is also vital that the user should have an open mindset and welcome all other tablets in the market that offer improved features in comparison to these tablets.