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5 best apps to read kindle books on android phone

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Do you want to read kindle books on top rated tabletsDifferent apps are available for your assistance. Fortunately, you can download these apps on your android phone to read kindle books. These apps are free and available to everyone. 

1. Amazon Kindle

Kindle allows you to access a vast selection of newspapers, magazines and books. For this reason, it is a popular app to read electronic books on tablets and smartphones. There is no need to own a Kindle device to read books through a Kindle app. It is available on iOS and Android devices.

Remember, Kindle is available on tablets and powered by Amazon technology. It allows you to sync bookmarks, last read pages, notes and highlights across different devices. You can use an integrated dictionary to read new words. This app offers access to Wikipedia and Google search. These features can increase your pleasure of rated tablets

2. Aldiko Book Reader

If you need an eBook reading app, Aldiko Book Reader can be a great choice. It is ideal for ePub and PDF formats. Aldiko Book Reader doesn’t save any book automatically. It will not affect your memory. If you want to save a reading session, import this book and put it on a virtual shelf. 

This book offers several options for adjustment of background settings, font face and font size to suit the needs of readers. With its extensive features, you can get the advantage of a fantastic reading experience.

3. Cool Reader

It comes with text formatting, a customizable palette for different font size and smooth scrolling. Download this app in your tablet and make reading a great pleasure. The cool reader comes with a free text-to-speech features.

You can get the advantage of a day and night toggle. It renders a double set of backlight levels, background and colors for easy reading. This app offers information for chapter marks, page count and percentage read. You can read books in txt, rtf, fb2, ePub and other formats.

4. FBReader

It is a customizable eBook reader for different devices. You can download it in Windows, Mac OS X, BlackBerry 10, Linux and Android. Feel free to select the size, font face, colors, bookmarks, animations, etc. You can organize your library by titles and authors. 

Moreover, it supports different formats of eBooks. You can read books from zip archives. With this app you can access famous dictionaries, such as ColorDict, Fora and SlovoEd.

5. Moon+ Reader

With this app, you will get an amazing reading pleasure. Get the advantage of fine control on display settings. This app has a unique status bar to display your reading progress. It provides information on reading progress in the current chapter. 

This app is free, but a pro version has some extra features. You can get additional statistics, such as books on the shelf, reading hours and pages turned.