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11 Things You Must Do With a Brand New Laptop

Samsung Galaxy tablets

Do you need a new laptop or tablet? Consider the best deals of Samsung Galaxy tablets and laptops. These devices are becoming an essential part of your life. After buying a brand new laptop, you have to do a handful of things.

1. Update its Operating System

After purchasing a new laptop from a store, you have to update its operating system. Remember, this laptop is sitting there for several months. In this situation, you can’t expect an updated operating system. 

2. Remove Bloatware

You will get preloaded software in your laptop or tablet. These are known as bloatware and waste tons of drive space. In numerous cases, these can be unnecessary or unwanted for end users. Make sure to uninstall or deactivate these apps or software.

3. Antivirus Software

Every laptop needs antivirus software. Remember, every operating system needs this protection. By ignoring the importance of antivirus software, you will become a victim of ransomware.

Samsung Galaxy tablets

4. Antitheft Software

Every device is incomplete without antitheft software. If you don’t want to lose your device, it is essential to install an antitheft app. Numerous operating systems are available with “Find My Device” security feature. In the absence of this feature, you can download an antitheft tool.

5. Back up System Files

If you are worried about the safety of your data, you must back up system files. Losing important files and data can be a horrible thing. To prevent this situation, you can save your files on an external hard disk. For the security of data, make sure to transfer essential things on an external drive or DVD.

6. Install Important Software

You must install critical software. For instance, install media players, illustrator, Photoshop, Microsoft office, or any other software. It will help you to increase your productivity.

7. Security Scan

It is essential to perform an in-depth security scan even for your new laptop. In this way, you can prevent malware. A deep scan allows you to avoid sneaky surprises. After updating your operating system, make sure to run a security scan to remove possible threats.

8. Modify Power Settings

If you want to increase the battery life of your laptop, you have to make some simple tweaks. Decrease the brightness of the display to your comfort level to avoid mental and eye fatigues. It is possible to tweak different power options as per your convenience.

9. Install a New Browser

Along with internet explorer, you can download extra browsers, such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Safari. These browsers offer additional features and enhance your overall performance.

10. Create Parental Control and User Accounts

User accounts and exclusive parental control are great features to activate. It will give you full access to the activities of your child. Moreover, you can stop them from accessing inappropriate content.

11. Transfer Data

Make sure to transfer data from your old laptop to a new device. To make your work easy, you can connect two laptops to migrate files.