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How to Configure Google Wallet on Refurbished iPads Ft. iOS 7

Refurbished IPads

Configure Google Wallet

If you are in the US, you can use the Google Wallet on refurbished iPads ft. iOS 7 or later just like you can do on Android tablets. Google Wallet is used to send, receive and even pay a money request. Once you download the Google Wallet app, open the app and navigate to Menu > Payment Methods and then tap on Add Payment Method and choose Add A Debit Card. Now enter your debit card details and tap on Save. When done, you can use the debit card as the payment method or link bank accounts on the Google Wallet app and not PayPal, credit cards, or prepaid cards to send or receive money.

To add a bank account instead of debit card, navigate to Menu > Payment Methods > Add Payment Method, and tap on Add A Bank Account. Here, enter your bank account number and then tap on Next. In case your bank offers you instant verification, you will need to sign in to the bank account. Else, you may have to put a test deposit that will reflect on your bank statement within 2 to 3 days.

To use the Google Wallet app, sign in to your Google Account, and to secure it, configure the Google PIN. Open the Google Wallet app, tap on the three horizontal lines, choose Settings, and then turn on Require Google PIN toggle switch.

Google PIN will make Google Wallet secured, as one may have to enter the PIN when iOS 7 prompts each time the app opens. If you want to change the Google PIN, navigate to Settings > Security > Change Google PIN. However, configure the Fingerprint ID so you can bypass the Google PIN each time you open the Google Wallet app. For that, open the Google Wallet app, tap on the three horizontal lines, choose Security, and then turn on Fingerprint ID.

To send money open the Google Wallet app, enter the amount you want to send and then the recipient’s name, e-mail ID, or phone number. Then, check the corresponding amount and then tap on Send to send money using the Google Wallet app on the refurbished iPads.

Remember, in case you send wrong amount by mistake, you have a few seconds to Cancel Transfer in the Google Wallet app.