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Tricks to Try on an iPad Tablet or an iPhone

IPad Tablet

Ipad Tricks To Try

If you are new to using an iPad tablet or an iPhone, getting acquainted with the iOS features will be needed especially when making a crossover from other kinds of smartphones or refurbished tablets having an alternate OS. Below are some tricks for a new iOS user, which can be tried on any of the iPads featuring iOS 8, iOS 9, or iOS 10.

Making the iPad Read to you

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and tap on Speak Selection to enable the iPad tablet to read any selectable text on an iOS app loudly to you. In fact, you can also tweak the speaking rate, choose from a wide array of voices and even highlight the words as they are spoken. To test it, navigate to an app that lets you highlight the text like Safari or Mail. Once you open the app, select text and you can see a new option on iOS appearing in the contextual menu. Tap on the option and tap on the Speak command.

Sharing Current Location

You can share your device location with friends or loved ones in a number of ways on iOS. Enable cellular data, open Apple Maps, tap on your current location marker denoted by an arrow, and tap on the Share button. Then, you can choose where to share your current location to, with options including messages and social media apps on iOS. You can also open Settings app, tap on Privacy, and navigate to Location Services > Share My Location. Tap on From and tap on the iPad tablet to set it by default and share the location.

Downloading from Apple Music

Apple Music lets you stream music from the internet to the iOS device whenever the cellular network is accessible to you. However, when you are on a long flight with no internet available you won’t be able to stream music from Apple Music. Thankfully, you can download individual tracks from the streaming service onto the iOS device. Open the Apple Music app when online, tap on the Menu button appearing next to each track in the My Music tab, and tap on Make Available Offline to download the track to the iPad tablet.