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How to Unlock a Used iPad Tablet for New Usage

IPad Tablet

Unlock Used Ipad

Activation Lock can be configured with Apple ID on an iOS Device and is usually tied to the Find My iPhone or Find My iPad app on iOS. The Activation Lock will safeguard devices from theft if people try to wipe or restore their device without the owner’s permission. Even to use a used iPad tablet for the second time, practically first time for the changed user, you may need to bypass Activation Lock to unlock the device. To reset the data using the Activation Lock, you can try any of the below methods on an iOS device.

To erase Apple ID and Password, which a different user may have used, you should turn off Activation Lock from the used iPad tablet. Open the Settings from home screen, tap on iCloud, navigate to Find My iPad toggle and turn it to Off position. The iOS will subsequently prompt to enter the real Apple ID and Password as part of the reset process, so enter them and then you can turn off Activation Lock.

You can also turn off Activation Lock via iCloud website alternatively and especially if the device is yet to reach your possession from the seller. For that, navigate to on Mac PC using Apple Safari web browser and click on Find My iPad link on the website. Sign in to iCloud when iMac prompts you to do so.

To see the iPad model, click on the home menu of the of the cloud storage service, and navigate to All Devices at the top of the Find My iPad section. Then, click on the specific device you may to like to unlock and click on Erase to the upper right of the screen, and below the icon of the iPad tablet. Wait for some time for iCloud to erase Activation Lock and the iMac to confirm the same. Once confirmation appears on-screen, tap on Remove from Account.

If none of the above methods help to clear the Activation Lock, then you may need to contact Apple Care and provide the ownership proof of the seller who sells the device to you. If you buy a refurbished iPad from an equally trusted source, you may not even have to do all this, as the device will have factory default settings. Just key in your Apple ID and Password while setting up the refurbished iPad to configure the device.