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Learn how to boost your smartphone battery life

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It is possible to use these devices for personal and professional tasks. Nowadays, people need longer battery life in their smartphones. Use of numerous apps makes it difficult to conserve your battery life. 

To save the juices of battery, you have to keep an eye on its use. Here are some tips to boost the battery life of your smartphone.

Charge Your Battery Before it Dies

To maintain the life of your battery, you should keep it charged at almost 50 percent or more. Keep it between 45% and 85% to preserve its life span. No doubt, your charger can manage electronic input to avoid damage. You must unplug your android tablet once its fully charged. Protect your device from overnight charging.

To preserve the life of your battery, you must not let your battery down to zero. Batteries may respond in a different way to your charging schedules. Your battery can degrade eventually. For this reason, let your battery discharged occasionally. Make sure to charge it before it drops extremely low. You must use a wall socket, and the adapter came with your device for charging.

Use Airplane Mode for Your Battery

If you want to increase the charging speed of your battery, you can activate its airplane mode. This mode can cut off radio signals from your device. It is an excellent way to halt messages, email, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connections and phone calls. It can be uncomfortable to receive calls while charging your phone. 

Remember, airplane mode is a true friend of your phone. It will help you to conserve the battery of your phone when charging. By toggling airplane mode to on, you can disable NFC, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

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Update Apps and Declutter House

Keep your apps updated because these will optimize battery life and memory of your device. These apps can keep the battery of your smartphone in good working condition. Make sure to keep your smartphone up to date and tidy with the apps you use and need. 

Dark Wallpapers

People love to use animated wallpapers for their smartphone. They will get pleasure, but these may not go well with your battery. If your device has AMOLED display, dark or black wallpaper can conserve the battery of your device. Remember, the screen of your device will need more energy to illuminate colored pixels.

Black pixels will not need the power to manage an image. Moreover, dark wallpapers can be easy for your eyes. Live wallpapers can’t be fatal, but they need extra battery power. For this reason, try to use static wallpapers.

DIM Your Screen

Brightly lit LCD and AMOLED screens will drain the battery at a faster rate. Moreover, these screens are dangerous for your eyes. To protect your eyes and battery, you must decrease the brightness of your deviceFeel free to adjust brightness from a notification bar.