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4 Amazing Benefits of Using Cortana on Android Tablets

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Get to know all about the features about Cortana the virtual assistant you can use on your android tablet and also get the cheapest tablet deals.

Cheap Tablet Deals On the Web and Cortana Application!

If you want to get the cheapest tablet deals online, then you are in the right place. We will help you make the right choice in purchasing a new tab in your budget. We have been asked a lot of questions about the Cortana application on Android. Cortana is basically a virtual assistant using a series of voice commands. Cortana is compatible with all devices having windows, android, and some IOS. You can easily install Cortana on your android tablet totally for free from the web or the app and play store.

Importance of Cortana

You must be thinking, “why Cortana is such an important application?” The Cortana application for virtual assistance is one of the highest-rated applications and is a very user-friendly. It is also used by people that have eyesight issues like blindness. The Cortana application gives a great response to its users and helps them enjoy their android tablets as normal people do. If you are looking for cheap tablet deals with Cortana application, then you don’t have to worry, you can get good deals on the web and a complete guide on how to use the Cortana virtual assistant application.

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Benefits Offered by Cortana!

The Cortana application is just like the google assistant and helps users use their devices with voice commands and has a lot of benefits. As we were asked about the features and benefits of using Cortana application for virtual assistance so we will discuss the top four features that can help users get an amazing experience and are very helpful in your daily lives.

The first benefit for Cortana is that you can easily access all your applications on your tablet by just voice command, just like every other virtual assistance application Cortana also offers this great feature which helps you control your device just by your voice command. The second feature and one of the most important features of Cortana is the web browsing feature, Cortana is famous for this feature, and you can easily use this feature while connecting it with the web application. The Cortana virtual assistant will help you a great deal and searching the web and getting accurate and the most authentic results with your voice command. Other virtual assistants don’t have the accuracy in their results, but Cortana nails it with the web results, and that is why it is famous.

The third benefit is that you can easily use YouTube and other music applications with Cortana, and you can listen to the music of your choice, and you can rewind and forward the music playlist or the track just by your voice command. Cortana is very friendly with android applications, and you can easily access your pictures by face recognition and can ask for Cortana to make albums accordingly, and this is the fourth feature of Cortana. If you are getting cheap tablet deals online then buy a tab and install Cortana on it, it is compatible with almost every device, and you can just start using it right away.