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Specifications of Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet

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Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet

The Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet released in 2017 is the new entrant in the list of the Amazon tablet series featuring Fire OS. A compilation of the specifications featured in the Fire HD 10 tablet from Amazon is listed below. Amazon has added the upgrades across the board in a bid to compete with Android tablets and other devices featuring in the best low cost tablet segment as of now.

Display and Storage

The “10” in the product title denotes the display size of the Fire HD 10 tablet, which is 10.1 inch in actual. The display of the device also has a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels, which will allow you to stream full HD content having 1080 pixels. In 2017, Amazon decided to improve the IPS screen, which has wide viewing angles, good colors, and fewer glares, thanks to an advanced polarizing filter.

Other Key Specifications

The Fire HD 10 will give 10-hours battery life on an approximate, depending on how much time you may spend in the tablet reading, browsing the web, watching videos, and so on. Amazon Fire HD 10 has a 1.8 GHz Quad-Core Processor with 2 GB RAM onboard storage of 32 GB or 64 GB expandable up to 256 GB with microSD card and the optional unlimited cloud storage for Amazon content.

The Software Upgrades

The Fire HD 10 tablet from Amazon has the customary Fire OS, the alternate OS to Android, which users of Fire HD tablet series will be familiar with. There are some Amazon-exclusive add-ons in the Fire HD 10 and one such feature is “For You”, a new app launcher accessible from the device’s home screen. The feature in the Fire OS shows a row of icons, which represent recently opened apps and other recent activities you may do on the device. The Fire HD 10 tablet also has Alexa, a cloud-based voice service that provides you with quick access to content on the internet.

The 32 GB variant is priced at $149 and the 64 GB variant at $189.99 in the Amazon Store. The Fire HD 10 tablet is available in colors Black, Red, and Blue. If you are looking for a best low cost tablet having value for money features, the Fire HD 10 from Amazon is worth the look in this year.