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Properly Taking Care of Android Tablet Batteries

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Android Tablet Batteries

Batteries are the most boring subject for many tablet users until it dies or start to show some issues. We usually do not worry much about the lifespan of out gadget batteries until we encounter some issues. The usual lifespan of an Android tablet battery is two to three years, but there are ways to keep the battery in top condition for a long time.

Many tablet users do not know if they have to let the battery run to zero percentage before recharging it to hundred percent. This is because many of them are concerned about the memory effect of batteries.

Memory Effect

Memory effect refers to batteries remembering the remaining charge in it if you do not allow it to discharge to zero often. This means that a battery that is usually charged from 10% to 90% may forget about the 20% that is left uncharged (0 to 10% and 90% to 100%). This may sound crazy but is actually true for the nickel based batteries but not for the lithium ion batteries used to power tablets. As lithium ion batteries do not suffer memory effect, you will need to do the opposite, that is charge them often but not throughout the day. In addition, makes sure that the charge of these batteries does not drop to zero percent.

Do Not Charge From 0 to 100%

The rule of thumb with the latest lithium ion batteries used in tablets is to keep them above half the charge most of the time. You can top up the battery when the charge drops below 50%. Charging the battery little a few times, everyday can be the optimum strategy to improve battery life of Android tablets.

While charging the battery, make sure that you do not charge it all the way to 100% as continuously doing a full charge can drastically reduce the battery life. A good charging range that you can aim for is from about 50% to 80% in a single go. Another thing is to not let the battery go down below 20% of charge.

Tablet experts and cheap wholesale tablets dealers say that you can do a full zero to 100% charging once a month. This can help the tablet to recalibrate the battery thereby improving the battery performance and life.