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Installing Kids Mode on Your Child’s Galaxy S5

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The Kids Mode on the 5.1 Inch Galaxy S5 is like a “Safe Mode” launcher, offering access to people of all age, but with limited application access. Here are the steps to download, install and setup Kids Mode on the Samsung Galaxy S5 that you have recently purchased from cheap wholesale tablets dealers for your kids.

Load the Kids Mode to Galaxy S5 Memory

In case if you do not have mobile data, tell your friend to send the Jose0726.apk file. Since Samsung has prevented installing applications from unknown sources, you would have to perform a custom install. Go to Phone Settings > Security to do that, and wait until additional files get loaded into the phone memory. If your kids hate to wait, then you may connect the device to a Wi-Fi network and install Kids Mode via Google Play store.

Should You Use PIN to Access Kids Mode?

Before configuration, you would want to set up a specialized profile for your kid. The password protection in the Kids Profile shall be used in case if your kids are smarter than yourselves. Once you set up a profile with limited access, you must remember the PIN code to keep the parent-child camaraderie going. The Kids Mode widget itself can be hard to find if it is placed somewhere else other than the home screen.

Getting Used to Movable Puppet-Props

Kids would find it boring to open the Android applications via standard widgets. With Kids Mode, you can simply change the widget into funky looking Animal figures like a standing Alligator. Not that people need an invitation to open the Camera, but what this application does is prevent access to the Gallery. You can be a responsible parent to your child by locking access to the personal images!

Accessing Home Screen

The Kids Mode application home screen would have two navigation menus for parents. One is the obvious Exit menu, which leads one to the main home screen of the Galaxy S5. If you open the Settings menu, you could see activity time on the launcher, and restrict playtime as per the amount of time your kids may have spent.

That is why one should use Kids Mode launcher on the Galaxy S5. Your Smartphone may be built “shock proof” but who knows, it is the naughty kids that give the wildest shock just when you are not expecting it.