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How to Update your Android Tablet

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It is wiser to ensure that that you are running the latest software available for your Android tablet to make certain it delivers the best performance and latest features. If you haven’t updated the device yet, the steps discussed below will help to update the Android operating system on your tablet.

Check the Version of the OS

Before trying to update your Android tablet, you will need to check the version of the Android operating system in the tablet, as you might already be on the top version. The latest version of Android is Android 7 Nougat, at present available to a few devices though, but reports say that it will gradually be available to more and more Android devices. The version before that is Marshmallow. Lollipop was the version before Marshmallow and KitKat before that.

It will be good to take a backup of the data stored in your tablet before updating the device. The OS upgrade will not affect the data stored on the device, but there is no guarantee. When done, enter Settings by tapping on the icon that has a spanner or cog sign.

Software Update

You need to find and tap on the Software Update button; this menu may differ from tablet to tablet. This section will also offer you details about the version of the Android operating system in your device.

Now, your tablet will search for available updates. If you are taken to a different menu, you need to choose Software Update Check, or similarly named option. After the search is finished, the program will show if an update is available for your device, and it will ask for your permission to install the update.

If you choose to install the update, the update will be downloaded and installed to your device. It is recommended to search and download the update over a Wi-Fi connection, as the file size of the update can be large. Also, using Wi-Fi to download the file will ensure that the download does not encounter any service interruptions.

These are the steps to update the operating system of your Android tablet to the latest one. After the latest version of the operating system is installed, you will need to reboot the device, if it does not reboot automatically.