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How to Set Up Screen Lock in your Android Tablet

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Set Up Screen Lock

The screen swipe is the default option in Android tablets for accessing the main interface from the lock screen. It is not a secure way to keep your tablet though, as it enables anyone to easily access the contents stored in your device. However, there are numerous options available in Android tablets for securing the device and the most important of them is the screen lock.

Android tablets can be locked by using various methods such as password, PIN, and pattern. This will ensure that your device remains inaccessible to any other user except you. Below is how to set up the screen lock in your Android tablet.

Setting the Screen Lock

The screen lock features are located in the Settings app. For setting up the screen locks go to the Settings app and select the Security option. This will vary for different models and appears as Screen Lock in some devices. Select the Screen Lock option and this may require you to enter the PIN, password or pattern if the lock is already set. This will display the Choose Screen Lock options that include several options like the slide, pattern, PIN, password, etc.

Setting up PIN

The PIN is one way to secure your Android tablet and is a four to sixteen digit number that is used to unlock the device. It is more secure than pattern lock and is easier to use. To set up PIN lock, follow the guidelines to reach the Choose Screen Lock tab and select PIN from the list of screen lock options. Type in your PIN, tap on the Continue button, and enter the same PIN again to confirm the screen lock.

Creating Unlock Pattern

The pattern is yet another option available to lock your Android tablet. This pattern, when traced correctly in order, will unlock the device to its main menu. For putting an unlock pattern on your tablet, select Pattern under the Choose Screen Lock menu. This will display some points on the screen which can be used to trace out an unlock pattern. Tap on Continue and again create the pattern to set the unlock pattern on your device.

Setting up Password

The password is the most secure way to keep your Android tablet from any unauthorized access. A password can include a combination of alphabets, numbers, and symbols. In the Choose Screen Lock window select Password and enter the required password that exceeds more than four characters in length. Tap on the OK button to set the password for your device.