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How to Fix No Service Error on iPad Devices

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Fixing No Service Error

If you unintentionally drop your iPad or if you are not able to receive a cellular signal on your device, then removing the SIM card from your device and putting it back will most probably help you to resolve the issue. However, some iPad users report that they are not able to receive a cellular network signal on their device even after doing this.

iPad users who are often experiencing this issue should take their device to a repair technician and ensure that the SIM slot of their device is not damaged. However, below are a few tips on how to fix ‘No Service’ error on iPad devices that might help you solve the issue even without the help of a technician.

Check your Coverage Area

The first and most important thing to do when you are unable to receive a cellular network connection of your device is to ensure that you are in an area with proper cellular coverage. If you are not in a coverage area, move to an area with network coverage and check whether you are able to receive a cellular signal there. If you are still receiving no ‘No Service’ error, proceed to the next step.

Restart your iPad

Most of the common iPad errors can be easily fixed by performing a simple reset of the device. So, before you move to any other troubleshooting steps, restart your device. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button of your iPad and drag the slider to turn it off. Now, wait for a couple of minutes and repeat the same procedure to turn on your iPad. This might help you solve the issue.

Contact your Carrier

You should note that issues with your cellular network carrier or account could also be the reason for you to be unable to receive a stable cell network signal on your iPad. This means that the best thing you can do is to get in touch with your carrier to ask the following.

  • Is my cell phone account still active?
  • Are there any outages in my area?

If the customer care executives from your cellular carrier confirm that there are no outages in your area and your account is still active, then it is evident that there is something wrong with your iPad. If so, it would be best to seek the help of an iPad technician to solve the issue.