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Enabling Two-Factor Authentication in iPad Tablets

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The two-factor authentication option is a reliable security feature in iPad tablets. It significantly improves the user security of your Apple ID and for all the information your store in Apple’s backup servers. First introduced in 2015, it is an improvement over the previous two-step verification process available to the devices.

Using the two-factor authentication, the user can access the accounts only on trusted iOS and Mac devices. For signing in to a new device, the two-factor authentication requires the use of two critical information for gaining access to the account. This includes the password and a six-digit verification code that gets displayed on the authenticated devices.

The two-factor authentication factor is quite important, since it ensures that any stolen Apple ID credentials are never authenticated on a new device. In addition to that, this new authentication process also presents the verification code in the devices in a very different manner.

To the user, the alert dialog shows a map detailing the authentication request’s approximate location for approval before presenting the verification code.

Enabling the Two-Factor Authentication

To enable the two-factor verification for your Apple ID on your iPad, there are many steps to follow. For those running the iOS 10.3 version on the iPad, this is much easier since it is frequently prompted to the user as a push notification from Apple.

To enable it manually, first, go the Settings app on your iPad and under the Apple ID tab select the Trust This iPad option. After entering in this option, the required credentials like the Apple ID password are needed. Enter your Apple ID password in the fields and Apple will then send the verification codes to your assigned trusted device for activating the two-step verification in your iPad.

In order to complete setting up the two-factor verification process, enter the six-digit code sent to your trusted device on to your iPad device. The trusted devices include iPhone, iPad, having iOS 9 or later versions and also in Mac devices with OS X EI Capitan and later versions that are already signed up to use the authentication. Trusted devices are those that are registered in Apple to confirm and verify your identity.

In case the verification codes are not received in the intended device, a trusted phone number can also be used. Through this, you can receive the verification codes by a text message or phone call. Adding a trusted phone number to the two-factor authentication is useful if you are temporarily unable to access any of the devices.