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Do you Need an iPad Pro

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iPad Pro is the laptop sized version of the iPad tablet from Apple, but it is not just a bigger iPad, it is far better than that. It comes with a faster processor, display with higher resolution, and many other attractive features.

Apple designed iPad Pro with enterprise users in mind, which means that the iPad Pro will work well for the business people. Features like the Split View Multitasking, which is also available on iPad Air 2, makes it very easy to work with multiple Office apps.

With just a tap on one side of the screen and another on the other side, users can take a chart from Excel and paste the same in to PowerPoint of Word. In addition to that, users can use their finger in the Apple Pencil stylus to draw things on the screen while editing or draw simple shapes like an arrow that will be transformed into a clipart, without the need to go to the clipart library.

The Goodies

iPad Pro offers a seamless blend between multitasking features and touch interface. The iPad Pro is powered by the A9X tri-core processor and is 1.8 times faster than the A8X processor in iPad Air 2. The iPad Pro also offer 4 GB RAM to speed up the performance of the device, and it has a 12.9 inch display to offers an astounding resolution of 2734 x 2048 pixels. You can also rent cheap wholesale tablets and check out the display and resolution in person before buying an iPad Pro.

The display of iPad Pro is also designed to use less power when there is minimum activity on the screen. This will help maintain the legendary 10-hour battery life of the device. Apple has also introduced a four speaker audio system with the device, which is capable of detecting how the iPad is held and equalizes the sound output accordingly.

iPad Pro has an 8 MP iSight camera, which is similar to that of iPad Air 2, and also has a touch ID fingerprint scanner. What really hit the bull’s eye on the market are the two accessories: the stylus and the attachable keyboard. The keyboard can be connected via a three-dot port, meaning that the iPad will not use Bluetooth to communicate with the keyboard. Moreover, the iPad offers power to the keyboard, so the user does not need to charge it.

Considering all these features, the iPad Pro will be much attractive to any tablet user who is looking to get the most out of their device.