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Connecting an iPad to a Wired Ethernet Port

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iPad from Apple is designed to be a wireless device. So it does not have an Ethernet port to connect the device directly to a network port or a router. However, there are a few things that you can do to hook your iPad to an Ethernet network port.

The easiest way to do this is to go wireless. Yet if your primary aim is to hook the iPad to internet with an Ethernet port, you may use a portable router and an Ethernet cable. Follow the steps discussed below to connect your iPad to a wired Ethernet port.

Steps to Follow

The pocket-sized routers are great solution to connect your iPad, as they do not need many adapters to work. You may just plug-in the device and connect it to the network. There are portable routers like the ASUS Portable Wireless Router, which is about the size of a credit card. The device can easily turn a network port into Wi-Fi hotspot. There is also the ZyXEL Pocket Travel Router, which is ultra portable.

The installation of these routers is very simple. You just need to find the router in the Wi-Fi settings of the iPad and once the iPad is connected, you can go through the simple set up process to make a secure internet connection. However, if that sounds a bit tricky to you, you can get in touch with cheap wholesale tablet dealers, and ask for some technical assistance with the same.

If your idea is to go absolutely wired, then you can use the Lightning to USB 3 adapter. Apple refers to this particular adapter as the “camera connection kit”, but the adapter can be used to connect any compatible device to the iPad. The adapter can be used to connect MIDI devices, wired keyboard, and USB-to-Ethernet cables.

Note that there are some differences between the Lightning to USB 3 adapter and the old camera connection kit. First difference is that the new adapter uses USB 3, which is very fast and offer faster data transfer speeds. Secondly, the adapter includes a lightning port that can be used to plug the iPad to an electrical outlet. This will let users charge the iPad while using the adapter.

You just need to hook the Lightning to USB 3 adapter to your iPad and then plug the adapter to a wall socket with the Lightning Outlet Adapter provided with the iPad. After supplying power, you may hook the USB to Ethernet adapter into USB 3 adapter and connect the device to the network using an Ethernet cable.