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Why is your iPad Getting Hot and What Can you Do to Fix it

You can think of your iPad as a small computer. However, unlike the larger laptops and desktops, iPads does not have a fan inside them to keep its internal components cool. Your iPad can generate much heat, especially when put under stress. There can also be many other reasons for your iPad to get hot. Read ahead to know these reasons and what can be done to fix it.

It is normal for the device to get warm when used constantly. Your iPad can get hot when you tax the hardware. Some examples are:

  • Playing demanding 3D games on the iPad
  • Making use of processor intensive applications like digital audio workstation, synthesizer, or video editor
  • While charging the iPad, especially when combined with other activities given in the list

There are two main components in the iPad that kicks out heat. They are the system on chip (equivalent to the CPU of a computer) and the battery. As there isn’t any fan to cool down the device when it heats up, the metal housing of the iPad will act as a big heat sink. When you feel warmth while touching the device, you need to understand that the housing is doing its job of transferring the heat away.

The ARM processor used by Apple is very efficient in heat dissipation. Therefore, they will produce noticeable heat only when they are pushed to the limit. In addition, if you have put the iPad in a case, it might also be adding to the heat buildup. Usually, the cases might not pose a problem. However, if you experience frequent overheating issues with the iPad, you may consider getting rid of the case to allow the device to dissipate the heat efficiently.

If your iPad gets too hot, it will display a message on the screen to let you know that it is overheated. Many of the main functions of the device will be disabled or the device might automatically switch to the low power mode. When you find that your iPad is too hot, you can:

  • Turn it off.
  • Stop charging the device if you are charging it.
  • Take the device into shade.
  • Remove the case.
  • Wait for the iPad to cool down.

Never dissipate the heat by trying to cool the device rapidly, like by putting it in a refrigerator, as rapid cooling can make moisture in the air, present inside the device to condensate. This might lead to water damages to the iPad.