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Tips to Control the Auto-Correct Feature of iPad Tablets

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Auto-Correct Feature

Almost all iPad tablets contain predictive text and auto correct features, which tries to ensure that users spell words accurately or correctly. These features in iPad tablets are great for general writing, but they can be a little bit irritating when you are trying to use complex industry-specific terms on your tablet.

The autocorrect feature in your tablet may also drastically change random words when you are typing in long texts on the device, which in turn, creates an entirely different meaning for the whole context. Below are a few simple tips and tricks that will allow you to control the auto-correct feature of most iPad tablets.

Turn Off Auto-Correct

If you are looking for a quick and simple solution to prevent the auto-correct feature in your tablet from meddling with your precious texts, then you will have to simply turn off the auto-correct feature. However, this might not be a solution for all iPad users because the auto-correct feature does have its own pros. Nevertheless, turning it off will prevent the chances of making typos and errors when you are typing a long document or text on your iPad tablets.

Reset your Keyboard Dictionary

The auto-correct function checks the words you type against the dictionary just like the spell checker feature in Microsoft Word. Many iPad users accidentally save incorrect words to their dictionary and these misspellings may eventually add up and cause more frustration to you when you are typing texts on the device. If you were in this scenario, then it would be wiser to reboot or rest keyboard’s dictionary, as it would efficiently wipe off all the misspelled words from the dictionary.

Train Auto-Correct

When you misspell a word in your iPad tablet, then the auto-correct feature jumps in and replaces the misspelled word with the correct spelling. It is also capable of filling in words before you type in the entire words. You will only have to tap on the word or hit the spacebar for accepting the auto-correct suggested words.

However, the auto-correct often displays inaccurate suggestions, which may change the entire context. So, click the ‘X’ sign in the auto-correct bubble when an inaccurate suggestion pops up, as it will help you to easily override the selection. The auto-correct feature of your iPad tablets learns your preferences very quickly, which means that they will gradually suggest the right word you are looking for.