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iPad Mini 2: The Best Gift Choice

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Gifting gadgets have become increasingly popular during holiday seasons and on a variety of other occasions; and what could be a better gift than an iPad. Ever since its release in 2013, the iPad Mini 2 tablet has remained one of the most favored and affordable tablet in Apple’s array of devices. Its many features, combined with a reasonable price tag, have made it an immensely popular tablet. Considering this, it is important to examine some of the key features of this device that makes it an ideal choice for gifting.

The iPad Standard

Apple’s flagship model, the iPad retains their gold standard in tablet industry. It offers excellent design, performance, extended battery life, and an easy to use operating system. If we look into the history of this device, the iPad Mini released in 2012 was also successful. However, the small size, low pricing, and lightweight design of iPad Mini 2 made it even more popular among users. The lack of Apple’s iconic Retina display was resolved in the iPad Mini 2 device as well.

Running on the latest mobile operating system from Apple, iOS 10, it came with an array of good features. The iPad Mini 2 device has the option to connect to the company’s content providers like the iTunes and App Store in a single tap, that many of the Android tablets lack. In fact, content accessibility and management had never been this much easier.


The other major reason for gifting iPad Mini 2 is its one major factor – price. Apple has an inclination for satisfying mostly the rich with their high priced devices. However, this is not the case with the iPad Mini 2, which costs just $269 and can even get as low as $200 sometimes.

The inclusion of more connectivity options like 4G LTE data is possible with an additional $130 more. With this reasonable rate, it also has an expanded storage facility that Apple has extended from 16 GB to 32 GB in their latest models.

iPad and Android Tablets

There is a plethora of Android tablets in the market with prices much lower than the iPad Mini 2. Major competitors include Samsung’s Galaxy Tab A 8.0 at $220, and Amazon’s Fire HD8 for just $90. A non-HD variant of the Amazon Fire tablet is also available for $50. All these tablets have the same features as the iPad Mini 2 and are good for similar use.

Nevertheless, the iPad range of tablets still towers above them all with its superior Retina display and the huge selection of apps. In fact, it is a perfect gift for a person, who is familiar with the Apple ecosystem.