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How to Use Travel Time on Your Apple iPad

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Apple Travel Time

Travel time is a whole new addition to the Apple Calendar, capable of estimating the duration of your trips based on predictive mileage and traffic. Formerly introduced as a widget, the application has started to gain traction among Apple lovers. iPad lovers planning to buy one from wholesale iPad dealers should read below to know the minute details about Travel Time.

Travel Time Uses the Global Positioning System

You better get your GPS turned on all the time, for, Travel Time integrates the global positioning system to make entries in Apple Calendar. The feature knows when traffic disintegrates and alerts the user regarding when to start the journey. The feature is capable of monitoring the whole traffic, so you may focus on other important things. Here is how tablet lovers could get used to the feature quite easily.

Getting used to the Travel Time on iPad

The user needs to key in some details to the iPad for Travel Time to get up and running. Here is how users could integrate time travel on iOS 10.

  • Firstly, users need to create a new entry on the Apple calendar with relevant information on the cause of the journey. For instance, the cause can be a marriage or a formal event.
  • Next, you need to fill in the event details. Tap on locations to fill the event starting and ending time, repeat journeys and co travelers if any. The key area to be filled is a notification on the traffic.
  • Third, tap on “Travel Time”.
  • Don’t forget to turn on the GPS once you start the journey.

Explaining Predictive Entries on Apple Calendar

Can anyone predict the traffic anywhere in the world? Arguably no one except the GPS itself! Travel time can be used not just for special events and journeys, but also in your daily life. Entries will be used subsequently by the Apple calendar, the next time user make use of the Apple Calendar, meaning that the next time you tap on Travel Time the previous location automatically appears on the iPad. Go ahead and beat the LA traffic with ease!