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How to Fix Rare Automatic Keying in iPads

IPad Tablets

Fixing Automatic Keying Issue

The iPad tablets keyboard fulfills the all-important needs of a user such as typing, texting, etc. However, on Apple discussions thread, an odd user query states that the rare iPad tablet screen types automatically, without even touching. Worry not, the sensation is no paranormal activity but may indicate an iPad is suffering from a temporary issue only. Below are a few troubleshooting steps to help fix the issue on your own, without having to get Apple Care involved.

Firstly, turn off the iPad by long pressing the Sleep/Wake button. The patron users know where the button resides – right at the bottom of the Apple iPad screen. If users press the button gently, the iPad would prompt a turn off with the help of a slider. Sliding the slider from left to right would perform the reboot function. Wait until the iPad tablets blackout precisely at this point to continue the stopgap troubleshoot further with subsequent steps.

Secondly, try cleaning the screen. As elementary as this step may seem, cleaning the not so cheap tablet screen would cause the iPad to become more responsive to feather touch. Users can use a microfiber cloth or any of the lint-free clothing to clean the iPad screen. Pay heed to not damp the cloth with wetness or splash the screen with water straight away, as you rub the iPad screen gently with the non-abrasive cloth, the screen becomes responsive to feather touch.

Third, turn on the iPad by pressing the Sleep/Wake button once more. See, the Apple logo reappears on the iPad screen once again. If you opt for a reboot function, issues such as erratic and automatic keyboard typing tend to get resolved. The Apple logo reappears if you have long pressed after a few seconds of the blackout or else the manual button pressing shall be done once more.

Fourthly, and only if the problem persists, restore the iPad back to factory default settings. Go to iPad Settings, tap on General Settings, tap Reset and opt Erase all Content and Settings to perform the factory reset function in an Apple iPad. Generally, doing the factory reset would clear all the data from the tablet, so users take a data backup as a must.