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How to Fix a Locked or Disabled iPad

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Fix Locked iPad

One of the most important security features in your iPad is that the device will become automatically disabled itself after a series of unsuccessful passcode attempts. Even though this security feature ensures that no one else gets access to the contents in your device without your consent, it can be a little bit frustrating at times.

This is because if you forgot or unintentionally enter a wrong passcode to your iPad, then your device will follow the same procedure and prevents you from accessing the device. The device will be initially disabled for just one minute. However, if you once again type in an inaccurate passcode to your iPad, then this device will become disabled for five more minutes.

iPad users who have no proper knowledge about this feature of iPad continue to enter the passcode in hopes of finding the correct passcode. However, you should note that this might make your iPad permanently disabled, which means that it is wiser not to do that unless you figure out the actual passcode. If your iPad is already disabled, here is how to enable it for use again.


If your tablet has become permanently disabled, then there is only one option in front of you, which is to reset the device back to its default factory settings. If you have already activated the Find My iPad feature, then using the iCloud is undoubtedly the simplest way to reset your iPad.

The Find My iPad feature enables users to easily reset their device even without the help of iTunes. Simply log into your personal iCloud account and select Find My iPhone. Now, choose your tablet and click on the Erase iPad link to reset your tablet.

iPad users who have not set up the Find My iPad will have to use the PC that they used to set up the device or to sync the device to iTunes. All you have to do is to simply connect your iPad to the PC using a compatible cable, which will automatically initiate the sync process. Wait for a few minutes and allow the sync process to get completed because it will provide you with a backup of all the contents in your iPad. Restore the iPad after completing the process to fix the issue.

If you have not synchronized your iPad with a PC, it is wise to seek the help of a repair technician for further assistance.