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How to Edit Images through the Photos App of iPads

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Photos App Images Editing

Most of the iPad users have a misconception that they will need to seek the help of third-party applications to edit images on their Apple device. The reality, however, is that the preinstalled Photos app on your iPad allows you to rotate, crop, straighten, and even alter the aspect ratios of your images with ease.

Unfortunately, most iPad users have no clue about how to use the Photos app in their device to bring the desired results to their digital images. If you are one among them, then below are a few simple set of steps that will help you to edit your images with the help of the Photos app on your tablet.

How to Rotate an Image

If you take an image on your iPad without placing the camera of the device in the right orientation, then you will most probably need to rotate the image to correct the orientation.

  • Open the Photos app on your iPad.
  • Locate the image that you want to rotate and then click on it for opening it.
  • Tap on the hamburger menu, which is located along the bottom of your iPad screen.
  • Select the Crop button from the main menu.
  • Go to the bottom left corner and then click on the Rotate Continue to tap the button until the image is rotated in the way you want.
  • End the image editing process by tapping on the Done

If you wish to go back to the original image any time during the editing process, then all you need to do is simple tap the Reset button.

How to Straighten an Image

iPad users who would like to straighten an image will initially have to follow the exact same steps as above before they proceed to these set of steps.

  • Select the Crop icon from the bottom navigation, as this will smartly adjust the image to an appropriate cropping position.
  • If you didn’t like the suggested crop, then drag your finger on the dial to alter the older crop.
  • Continue to drag your finger until you see a crop that you are happy with and then click on the Done button to save the image.

You can find the edited image inside the gallery of your device and share it with your friends and family members through email, messaging apps, or even through social media platforms.