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A Brief Comparison of iPad Mini and iPad Mini 2

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Despite of the development of many Apple tablets, iPad Mini is still available to buy in the market, but you should not confuse it with the latest iPad Mini 2 Retina. The iPad Mini 2 Retina looks exactly the same as iPad Mini, but is more expensive and boasts some improvements over its predecessor. Let us look into the key differences between iPad Mini and the latest iPad Mini 2 Retina device.


iPad Mini is powered by A5 processor just as iPad 2, and has no issues running the apps, whereas iPad Mini 2 Retina is powered by the same processor as iPhone 5S, which is the 64-bit A7. 3D games offer better details and effects on the Retina display of iPad Mini 2. If you intend to use heavy-duty apps for video, photo editing, or 3D rendering, you will need to opt for the costly iPad Mini 2 Retina, else, you need prefer the processor jump.


iPad Mini 2 features a Retina display and offers much higher resolution than its predecessor iPad Mini device. You can see the difference right on the first use, as the screen is much brighter and sharper. In fact, the display of iPad Mini 2 is one of the best you can get in tablets.

However, this does not mean by any means that the display of iPad Mini is rubbish – iPad Mini display is a decent one, and videos and images look quite good on it. Yet, you might need a better screen with higher resolution when reading eBooks on your tablet device.


The camera of the new iPad Mini 2 is slightly better than that of the old one. Both front and rear cameras of iPad Mini 2 are better, so you will get better shots with iPad Mini 2, even in low light conditions.


Cost is one of the biggest differences between iPad Mini and iPad Mini 2 Retina. If you plan to use your iPad for lighter applications and internet browsing, then you can go for the original iPad Mini model, as the extra dollars that you shell out for the iPad Mini 2 Retina will be a waste for such a user.

These are some of the key differences between iPad Mini and iPad Mini 2. If you are planning to buy any of these models, it will be better to buy from cheap wholesale tablets dealers, as you can get a great discount there.