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How to differentiate between the original and fake app on play store?

With the a wholesale tablet you can manage your daily life and office tasks after downloading appropriate apps. Make sure to differentiate between fake and original apps. Remember, fake apps are loaded with adware. These can be dangerous for sensitive information in your device. See these methods to differentiate between the fake and original apps on play store.

Check the Name of the App Developer

If an app is available with a similar icon and name, you may find it difficult to distinguish between different apps. Carefully look at the name of the app.

If you are unable to distinguish between a fake and real developer, click on his name and see his other apps on the Play Store. They must have positive ratings from users. If this criterion is not fulfilled, the app can be a bogus one.

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Check Screenshots and Description of App

If everything about an app seems indistinguishable or familiar from other apps, you can check description and screenshots. It is suitable to read the description of an app written by a developer. Carefully evaluate the screenshots of an app.

You can identify genuine app developers from their high-quality screenshots. These are enough to explain the highlights and features of an app. If you are not finding app descriptions and screenshots, you must not download this app. 

Evaluate Reviews of the App

For the best results, carefully evaluate the reviews of an app before downloading it. Feedback from users will help you understand the features and functions of an app. After reading the reviews, it will be easy for you to make a decision. 

No doubt, some developers purchase fake reviews. Make sure to sort these reviews by most recent, most helpful or based on versions of the app. It can be a great practice to learn from the words of other users. With your research, you can distinguish between fake and genuine reviews. The cheapest tablet computer deserves the best and genuine apps.

What to do with fake apps?

After detecting a fake app, you have to report this app immediately. Make sure to use “Flag it an unsuitable” option. It will help you to report these copycats and save other people from them. To report an app, you must choose a suitable reason. Google will evaluate your submission and take necessary actions towards this app.

Google is helping its users by removing fake apps. They use Play Protect to authenticate apps. It will help you to avoid malicious apps. Pay special attention to developers and reviews of an app before downloading it. In this way, you can protect your android tablet from malicious software and adware. Closely evaluate search results before selecting an app to download.