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How to Increase the Security of your iPad

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Increase Ipad Security

Your iPad comes with advanced security features that will deter any kind of intrusion or unauthorized activity. This allows you to use your iPad in a highly secure manner without the fear of any intrusion or data breaches. However, not all this features work if you fail to configure some basic security and privacy settings on your iPad.

A typical example would be failing to deploy a passcode, which can virtually leave your device open to anyone to access in spite of Apple’s integrated security measures. However, you can increase the security of your iPad by customizing various settings. Below is how to increase the security of your iPad.

Setting up a Strong Passcode

One of the best ways to enhance the security of your iPad is by setting up a strong passcode. This prevents any unauthorized access to your iPad by allowing only you to access and view the contents. Besides, setting up a passcode will also enable data encryption on your iPad that will further make it difficult to access and use the data stored on your iPad. While setting a passcode, you must make sure that it is a strong combination, as it will completely deny access to your iPad except you.

Enabling Passcode Lock

This feature must be activated if your iPad contains any confidential and private data. When this feature is enabled, it will automatically erase all your data when the passcode is entered wrongly for a set of times. Usually, such wrong entering of passcode mostly happens when someone tries to access your device without your authorization. To enable it, go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and open Passcode Lock. Enter your existing passcode and the turn on the Erase Data option. Tap Enable after going through the warning message displayed.

Using Find My iPad

When your iPad is stolen or lost, you can use the Find My iPad option to lock the device and erase the data on it remotely. However, you need to first prevent any disabling attempt of Find My iPad. For that, go to, Settings > General > Restrictions and tap on Enable Restrictions. Enter a strong four-digit PIN and set it to limit the access to Find My iPad on your device.

On the Restrictions page, scroll down to the Privacy section and select the Location Services option. Tap on the Find My iPad at the bottom of this page and make sure that it is enabled. Moreover, also verify that the status bar indicator is off. After that, tap on Don’t Allow Changes in the Location Services page, which will appear as grayed out.