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How to Fix a Faulty Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor on your iPad

The Touch ID fingerprint sensor is one useful feature of the iPad that helps in unlocking your device with ease. It is an effective security feature that unlocks the iPad based on your fingerprints and is an alternative to the passcode. Sometimes, you may face issues while using this feature, such as not recognized fingerprints or improper touch response. This issue can occur if the sensor is not properly exposed or the Touch ID is improperly configured. Even the component may be faulty at times and that will need an overall replacement. Below is how to fix a faulty Touch ID fingerprint sensor on your iPad.

Wipe Clean the Sensor

One common cause of the malfunctioning of Touch ID is due to dirt and grime that can accumulate on the sensor during daily usage. The sensor works by scanning layers of your fingers and comparing it with the one you have registered on your device. The presence of dirt and grime can actually prevent the fingers from getting into contact with the sensor properly. This will make it difficult for Touch ID to confirm your identity based on the fingerprint. So clean the fingerprint sensor located on the home button by using a clean lint-free cloth and remove any dirt or grime from the sensor.

Proper Positioning of Fingers

One of the reasons why the Touch ID fails to register your fingers is because they are not positioned properly. When using Touch ID to unlock your iPad, you must ensure that you keep your fingers are properly positioned and still on the home button while it is being scanned. This will enable the sensor to identify your fingerprint and match it correctly with the file, thus unlocking your device. Moreover, you must not tap quickly or apply pressure on the home button, as this will prevent the sensor from recognizing your fingerprint.

Update iOS

Another reason for issues with the Touch ID feature is that your iPad operating system is not updated. You can check this by going to Settings > General > Software Update. Mostly the Touch ID can fail to recognize your fingerprints due to any bugs in the iOS versions. Apple fixes most of these bugs during each of the iOS updates, which can also clear any of the issues with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.