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A new way to browse the web – HTTP3 and how it helps in faster browsing?

HTTP 3 is becoming widespread for fast web browsing. It will increase the efficiency of Skype, Facebook and WhatsApp. Cloudflare, a part of famous Chrome Canary and Firefox Nightly, is supporting HTTP 3. This new standard can make web browsing secure and faster. Why HTTP 3? Web servers, web browsers and infrastructure of the web are getting HTTP 3 support. This new standard uses QUIC. Remember, it is a modern version of already available HTTP. Web browsers use HTTP to communicate with servers and send data.  For safe and quick browsing, HTTP 3 is rewritten with excellent resistance to errors. It [Read More]
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Facebook working to come up with AR glasses

Facebook is working on AR glasses with Luxottica to develop Ray-Ban augmented –reality glasses. B The glasses will be under the codename “Orion” internally, and these can replace your smartphone. Facebook is working on these glasses for a few years back. Consumers may get these glasses between 2023 and 2025. With these glasses, people will be able to take calls, check information on a small display and live-stream videos. For the input of these glasses, Facebook is developing a voice assistant (based on artificial intelligence). Moreover, the company is busy in experiments with ring devices so that users can input information [Read More]
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5 best apps to read kindle books on android phone

Do you want to read kindle books on top rated tablets? Different apps are available for your assistance. Fortunately, you can download these apps on your android phone to read kindle books. These apps are free and available to everyone.  1. Amazon Kindle Kindle allows you to access a vast selection of newspapers, magazines and books. For this reason, it is a popular app to read electronic books on tablets and smartphones. There is no need to own a Kindle device to read books through a Kindle app. It is available on iOS and Android devices. Remember, Kindle is available on tablets [Read More]
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Android or Chrome OS – Which One Is the Future of Google Tablets

Google is all set to get out of the tablet hardware business. Recently, it cancelled its two different projects and decided to assign those employees to other projects. The issue is that Google got plagued by some hardware problems. Apparently, it seems that tablets are not Google’s strength when we compare it with Microsoft and Apple. What is essential to understand here is that the buyer of today is aware. He will not buy sny tablet that comes his way. The buyers of today believe in doing their research and then making their pick. Now, the tragic part is that [Read More]
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How Tablet Will be Your Best Gadget to Travel?

As a travel blogger, the compulsion to take a laptop with me on each excursion is a troublesome one to break.  Nonetheless, I’m progressively observing that the hole between top rated tablets and laptops has limited essentially, and with compact consoles and option to add a keyboard, it is similarly as convenient to go with a tablet.  Weight Benefits  The principal key element of the tablet is that it is truly light when contrasted with a laptop, with even the smoothest and most proficient laptops weighing more than 2 pounds, while tablets can without much of a stretch come in [Read More]
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Best Tablets with HD Front Camera

In this discussion, we are going to take a look at the best tablet cameras that you can purchase today. Tablets have consistently been known as the middle ground between a PCs and cell phones. Something with a recognizably bigger screen, a sensible measure of intensity and the comfort of a pen or pencil that improves efficiency.  Why purchase a tablet? Let’s be honest individuals purchase tablets for a lot of reasons, yet picture takers get them explicitly to help them in their work. What’s more, having a tablet also works as a versatile computerized portfolio, an editing tool in [Read More]
Google play tablets under $200

Best Tablets for Freelancers

The increasing popularity of tablets makes them an essential gadget for professionals and students. For this reason, it is easy to find the best Google play tablets under $200. There is no need to break your bank to buy a tablet. You can find something special within your budget. Before purchasing a tablet, you have to consider your needs. For instance, a freelancer needs a tablet with a keyboard, good battery power, and numerous other features. If you are looking for the best tablets for freelancers, here are some suitable options. Lenovo Tab 4 You can invest in this powerful [Read More]
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4 Best Tabs with Keyboard for Bloggers

Are you looking for the best tablets for cheap price? Fortunately, it is possible to buy the best tablets within your budget for different tasks. Bloggers, content writers, students, and other officials need individual tablets with a keyboard. Bloggers need a high-quality tablet to deal with different activities of their digital lives. From travelogues, reviews, products, and news, you need tablets for everything. If you want a high-quality tablet with keyboard, here are some good options for you. 1.    Samsung Galaxy S3 Tab with a Keyboard Case The S3 Samsung Galaxy Tablet features a large AMOLED display. With numerous [Read More]

5 Best Tablets to assist you in Artwork

Are you a creative professional and you need something to work with? Following, we are giving you some great tools that can help you out! These devices are an excellent choice for creative users, and if you were considering what the cheapest tablets are. Check them out! iPad Pro 12.9 inch (2018) The best just got better. Apple nailed it with the new iPad Pro; it’s an excellent device considering everything. Yes, this is a bit expensive but do manage the money because you are a professional creative, then you must have it at your disposal. Apple iPad Pro has [Read More]