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Learn how to boost your smartphone battery life

It is possible to use these devices for personal and professional tasks. Nowadays, people need longer battery life in their smartphones. Use of numerous apps makes it difficult to conserve your battery life.  To save the juices of battery, you have to keep an eye on its use. Here are some tips to boost the battery life of your smartphone. Charge Your Battery Before it Dies To maintain the life of your battery, you should keep it charged at almost 50 percent or more. Keep it between 45% and 85% to preserve its life span. No doubt, your charger can [Read More]
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4 Amazing Benefits of Using Cortana on Android Tablets

Get to know all about the features about Cortana the virtual assistant you can use on your android tablet and also get the cheapest tablet deals. Cheap Tablet Deals On the Web and Cortana Application! If you want to get the cheapest tablet deals online, then you are in the right place. We will help you make the right choice in purchasing a new tab in your budget. We have been asked a lot of questions about the Cortana application on Android. Cortana is basically a virtual assistant using a series of voice commands. Cortana is compatible with all devices [Read More]
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What are the Best Tablets for Photographers?

Photographers need special tablets to manage photo editing and relevant tasks. For this reason, beginners often wonder what the cheapest tablet for photographers. Compare different tablets for photo editing and other activities.  Good tablets for photographers must have a large screen and powerful processor. It must have Lightroom or Photoshop for photo editing. Professional graphic designers and photo retouchers may use this tablet to edit photos. Choose a graphic tablet to replace a full-fledged touchscreen PC or a mouse. Here are some best photo editing tablets. Wacom Pro Intuos Medium With 8.7 x 5.8 inches active drawing area, sensitive stylus, Bluetooth, and [Read More]
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Why must artist own tablets?

For artists, different types of tablets are available in the market. Nowadays, it becomes easy to select the cheapest tablet deals. Remember, tablets are portable, inexpensive, and affordable. Any artist can replace a bulky laptop with lightweight slates. A creative professional needs a lightweight device to work during travel. It is easy to carry a slate easily to coffee shops, restaurants, and corporate offices. You can download and install different apps on a tablet. Here are some reasons that make tablets important for an artist. Specific Applications for Artists It becomes easy to work with a tablet because numerous particular apps are [Read More]