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How to unlock forgotten android pattern code?

android pattern code

For the security of your device, you will need the best security codes. Some good options are pattern codes, PIN code, and password.Every type of security option has its pros and cons. Some people prefer pattern codes, and they often forget this code. There is no need to worry because you can unlock your android device even after forgetting a pattern code. 

Confirm that You Forget It

Before doing anything, take a moment to think if you forget it. Unlike an iPhone (iPhone uses a passcode), Android allows you to select digits for a PIN. If you need a tablet with your phone, check what are the cheapest tablets. If you can’t unlock a phone, here are some options to try.

Find My Device (Android 2.3 and Over)

After forgetting a PIN or pattern, you can get back your device with this option. Log into your account on the phone and log in to find my device services of Google. You can choose the question from the list of devices and tap “Lock”. Remember, your phone will be locked with a new code. It can override the actual code (you had forgotten). In this way, it will be easy for you to access your pattern code

Smart Lock

New versions of Android offer tight security as compared to the old version. You can unlock it with your Google account. A smart lock feature may allow you to unlock a phone in different conditions automatically. Connect it to the Wi-Fi of your house. In this situation, your forgotten pattern will go back to unlock your phone. You can set up a smart lock in different conditions. 

Security Options from Third Party

Smartphone manufacturers offer their security software in a device, such as Samsung offers to Find My Mobile. This feature is useful to unlock a locked phone. Make sure to set up this feature early to avoid possible problems.

Use Google Account

If you can’t remember a pattern, you can use your Google account. This method is useful for 4.4 Android or a lower version. There is no need to panic because the technique is simple. See these easy steps: 

  • Try different pattern locks five times (sometimes you can be lucky to get the right one). 
  • After the 5th attempt, your device will be locked out. Now you will get an option at the base of your screen “Forgot Pattern”. You have to click on this option. 
  • Sign in to a Google Account.
  • After authenticating your account, you can select a new lock, pattern or PIN and unlock your device.

Your last option will be factory reset. Remember, this option will unlock your mobile, but erase everything on your device. Try to start with an easy choice “Find My Phone.”