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How to unbrick an android device

android tablet 9 inches

Looking for android tablet 9 inches 16gb features? Don’t worry, and we can help you get one in no time. you just have to make sure that you read the article till the end and get the complete details about the android devices and how to unbrick an android device if it gets broken. We were getting a lot of queries from our readers who wanted to repair their android tablet 9 inch 16gb version so we thought of discussing this matter at length and step by step so that you can understand the details from the very initial point!

Battery game!

The battery game is the quacks solution for unbricking your android device. For those of you who don’t know about this term and how to make it happen, you must remove the battery of your phone and reinsert it and repeat the process a few times. this sometimes shakes the backend system of your android device, and you can easily unbrick it. People usually use this trick on the android tablet 9 inch 16gb versions, and it is said to be working efficiently on it!

Contact the manufacturer!

If you want to do a detailed repairing and want to know about the core of the problem, then we expect that you contact the mobile or Android device manufacturer and they will help you with the details of the problem. They can also propose the best solution for the problem as sometimes the fault is a known one to the company itself.

 android tablet 9 inches 9gb

Contact your phone carrier!

Sometimes the booting problem of your phone is just because of the cellular sim card you are using and some virus in it or in the back end system of the carrier. It is best that you contact your mobile carrier to after playing the battery game on your android tablet 9 inch 16gb version.

Repair shop visit!

If you cannot find a problem in your device at home, then it is time that you pay a little visit to the repair shop and let the tech guy have a look at the problem. He can surely diagnose the issue and treat your device with the best solution, so it is best that before your device gets more damage, get it to a repair shop!

Replace the screen!

Sometimes we will like the phone needs to be unbricked, but the problem is actually on the screen so you can simply repair and change your screen by the help of experts. This sometimes solves the problem.

Reboot in the recovery mode!

You can also give a shot while rebooting your device when it is in the recovery mode, and this will help your device get unbricked in no time. if the phone is hard bricked, then you must go for renewing its system software as well.

You can also store your device in the bad of cold rice, and it is said to fix the problem so you can give it a try as well.