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How to record screen on Windows and Android?

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You can record the screen on android tablet cheapest price when playing games. Feel free to send this recording to your friends or upload on YouTube. Several android lovers can use this feature to show off their skills. Fortunately, the best tools are available to record screens of android and windows devices.

Record Screen on windows

Different screen capture programs are available for windows. Numerous programs are free to try. Check play store to find free screen capturer. A screen-capture tool comes with basic options and features to record your screen. It is possible to record the entire screen, a specific area or a window. You have to use a mouse to record screen. 

These programs can pick up sound from a microphone of PC or record your voice. Feel free to save them in android tablet cheapest price as a Windows WMV or AVI file. This program is free for professional and personal use.

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Record Screen on Android Devices

Capture the screen of your android device with a free tool or software. Plug your device into a PC. To capture a screen, enable the USB debugging feature. Go to “Settings menu” on an android device, click “About” option in the section of the system. In this section, you will find “Build Number”. Tap it seven times and again go to the Settings menu. 

You must check settings for “Developer options” in a system section. Click the settings of “Develop options” and click the settings for USB debugging and activate it. You have to download the Chrome browser in your android tablet cheapest price and install it. With the use of Chrome, download Vysor from the web store of chrome. Check the icon on app screen of Chrome to load it. 

Vysor window requires you to tap “Find devices”. An android device must pop up and click on this mobile to highlight it and tap a “Select” button. A device must flash a message to ask if you want USB debugging. Click OK and see a message “Vysor is connected”. Tap “OK” or “Don’t Show it Again” to bypass messages in the future. Make sure to see the screen display of Android device in Vysor window.

You can record this screen after launching a “Free Screen Capturer” and pick the option or select a region to capture. In your android tablet cheapest priceyou can use your mouse to draw a particular region of the device in the window (Vysor). Capture screen activity of your device and use it as per your needs.

MirrorGo Recorder

If you want to record the screen of your device without rooting it, feel free to use this recorder. It is a great option to capture the big screen of your windows or android tablet cheapest priceWith this recorder, you can record classic gameplay at essential points. For instance, if you have a gaming channel, this recorder will allow you to capture your secret moves. Share these videos with your viewers and friends. Moreover, you can record screen to put this recording in your presentation.