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How connect Xbox One Controller with Android?

Connect your XBOX with your android

Nowadays, android devices are available with lots of unique features. You can connect Xbox One controller with android. It will help you to improve gaming. The Xbox One controller can be used with your android devices. This controller is suitable for Bluetooth radios. 

Gamers need this feature for PC gaming. Remember, this controller work surprisingly with your android phones. Connect several kinds of controllers to the android through Bluetooth or USB, such as Nintendo Switch, PS4 or Xbox One controllers. If you want to connect your game controller to an android device, here is an easy guide for you. It will help you to enhance mobile gaming.

Control Games on Bluetooth or USB

Android games may receive an impressive boost with a controller. If you want to play Fortnite on your device, a controller will be a stable choice over touch controls. Typically, you will connect a controller with the use of Bluetooth or cable. Here are five options to connect a game controller and an android phone.

  • Xbox one controller
  • USB controller
  • Bluetooth controller
  • PS4 controller
  • Joy-Con Nintendo Switch

Connect your XBOX with your android

Connect Your Xbox Controller to Android

You can control your Xbox One controller with your android devices. Here is a simple procedure to hook your controller to an android device.

Feel free to start this process without extra hardware. A new model of the Xbox controller is enough to control with your android device. You must have an android device with Bluetooth support. Connect your controller to a tablet or phone.

Before you begin, fully charge your controller and unplug an Xbox One. Remember, a plugged controller will be paired to it, and you can’t complete its pairing process with your device.

Start your work by putting android into a discoverable mode. Hold a Sync button on your Xbox One controller. After detection, choose controller on android devices and follow directions to pair.

Remember, it will work with the new version of Xbox One controllers that have Bluetooth. The actual models released (when this device came out) with RF that don’t support android. If you can’t connect your controller wirelessly, use a USB OTG. It will apply to the old Xbox 360 wired controller. You can connect it with lots of android phones and tablets

Oculus and Samsung devices work best to push controller. If you don’t have a Samsung device, the mileage can vary. Make sure to select a compatible device, such as HTC, LG and other compatible devices. See these steps to pair your android and controller.

  • On an android phone, go to “Settings – Bluetooth menu”. Bluetooth must be enabled.
  • Turn on your Xbox One controller by pressing the Xbox button.
  • Check for the sync button on the top of the Xbox controller. Tap it for some seconds until you notice blinking on Xbox button.
  • Your device will scan for Bluetooth devices. Make sure to select the right device from the list and click it to pair. The phone will display a connection.