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December 2019

cheapest tablet online

Learn how to boost your smartphone battery life

It is possible to use these devices for personal and professional tasks. Nowadays, people need longer battery life in their smartphones. Use of numerous apps makes it difficult to conserve your battery life.  To save the juices of battery, you have to keep an eye on its use. Here are some tips to boost the battery life of your smartphone. Charge Your Battery Before it Dies To maintain the life of your battery, you should keep it charged at almost 50 percent or more. Keep it between 45% and 85% to preserve its life span. No doubt, your charger can [Read More]

How to differentiate between the original and fake app on play store?

With the a wholesale tablet you can manage your daily life and office tasks after downloading appropriate apps. Make sure to differentiate between fake and original apps. Remember, fake apps are loaded with adware. These can be dangerous for sensitive information in your device. See these methods to differentiate between the fake and original apps on play store. Check the Name of the App Developer If an app is available with a similar icon and name, you may find it difficult to distinguish between different apps. Carefully look at the name of the app. If you are unable to distinguish between [Read More]
android tablet 9 inches

How to unbrick an android device

Looking for android tablet 9 inches 16gb features? Don’t worry, and we can help you get one in no time. you just have to make sure that you read the article till the end and get the complete details about the android devices and how to unbrick an android device if it gets broken. We were getting a lot of queries from our readers who wanted to repair their android tablet 9 inch 16gb version so we thought of discussing this matter at length and step by step so that you can understand the details from the very initial point! Battery [Read More]
android tablet cheapest price

How to record screen on Windows and Android?

You can record the screen on android tablet cheapest price when playing games. Feel free to send this recording to your friends or upload on YouTube. Several android lovers can use this feature to show off their skills. Fortunately, the best tools are available to record screens of android and windows devices. Record Screen on windows Different screen capture programs are available for windows. Numerous programs are free to try. Check play store to find free screen capturer. A screen-capture tool comes with basic options and features to record your screen. It is possible to record the entire screen, a specific area [Read More]
USB Dubbing Mode

What is USB Dubbing Mode and its use for android?

Android users can get the advantage of numerous hidden features. Developer options allow you to access some unique features of your device. USB debugging is a popular option in “android developer“. USB Debugging Mode With the use of USB debugging mode, you can allow android devices to communicate easily with a PC with android SDK. You will need this for android operations. After developing android apps, you must use instant android SDK (software developer kit) on your PC. With an SDK, developers can get tools to create apps for particular platforms. Typically, you will need Android Studio that is a [Read More]
Connect your XBOX with your android

How connect Xbox One Controller with Android?

Nowadays, android devices are available with lots of unique features. You can connect Xbox One controller with android. It will help you to improve gaming. The Xbox One controller can be used with your android devices. This controller is suitable for Bluetooth radios.  Gamers need this feature for PC gaming. Remember, this controller work surprisingly with your android phones. Connect several kinds of controllers to the android through Bluetooth or USB, such as Nintendo Switch, PS4 or Xbox One controllers. If you want to connect your game controller to an android device, here is an easy guide for you. It [Read More]
Spot Fake Apps

How to spot fake apps on the Google Play Store?

Remember, fake apps can affect the security of your device. No doubt, fakes apps have become a huge issue. People have created listings of popular apps with similar names and icons. They trick you into downloading these apps, and you will be bombarded with ads. This situation can be worse than malware.  This issue was detected with a fake WhatsApp version. More than one million people downloaded this app last year. Now a fake version of SwiftKey keyboard and a VLC ad-riddled version were detected on the Play Store.    Understand the Procedure of These Apps These apps are tricking [Read More]
Android 10

What is Android 10 and its use?

Android 10 is a new way to customize your phone, control your privacy and manage things. This new operating system has lots of new features. New Pixel 4 and 4 XL of Google run Android 10. The new operating system of Android was launched with the Pixel phone. Bubbles If you are using messengers for chat, you can use bubbles features of Android 10. These work similar to “Chat Heads” with a round notification floating on your screen. Google needs mindfulness of developers to use bubble because a stream of notifications on the screen can be irritating.  Smart Reply You [Read More]